Miss Phryne Fisher and Drinking in the 1920s Glamour of Melbourne

miss phryne fisher and fashion

One of my favorite television series is Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, a glamorous portrayal of fashion and murder in Melbourne in the 1920s.

Let’s just say, Miss Phryne Fisher is the woman I wish to be when I grow up. She is fashionable, wealthy, feisty, can scale walls in heels…and enjoys her alcohol. And let’s not discredit Phryne’s friend Mac, who joins Phryne in her keen menswear styling…and scotch. Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries was inspired by series of novels by author Kerry Greenwood, called Phryne Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. The books are just as much fun as the TV series…and the covers are just as fashionable as the costumes described.

Now…after long days and evenings fighting crime and getting into trouble, naturally one would need a drink to unwind. Miss Fisher regularly imbibes on scotch and an occasional champagne. (And yes, the story takes place in non-prohibition Australia.) Miss Fisher, you are a woman after my own heart.

miss phryne fisher drinking

If you head on over to the phrynefisher.com, you can even see a list of cocktails played through written scenes that Phryne Fisher enjoys throughout the novels.

Ian Rohan peeped around the kitchen door. The house was still shuddering faintly from the slam of the front door. Phryne in her fur coat stood on one foot, rubbing her other, shoeless foot, surrounded with boxes and packages.

‘She looks cold, tired and cross. And her new shoes have hurt her feet.’

‘You have insight,’ said Mr Butler. ‘Directly she will go upstairs, shed her outer garments, wash her face and hands and then call down for a refreshing drink. What shall we serve her?’

Rohan consulted the list. ‘Not a martini,’ he said slowly. ‘Too dry. Or a whisky sour. We need something sweet.’

‘And strong,’ said Mr Butler. ‘The lady has inherited her father’s hard head and the Fisher liver.’

‘Rum, maybe? No, I’ve got it. A sweetened Old Fashioned – how about that?’

‘With…’ prompted Mr Butler.

‘Whisky,’ said Rohan nervously.

‘A good choice. We shall make one. No need for the shaker. This is a stirred cocktail.’

miss phryne fisher scotch

I’m not usually one for drinking games, but I came across this one inspired by the TV series:

Take a drink/shot when:

  1. Phryne wears a different hat
  2. Jack says something sarcastic
  3. Phyrne and Jack eye sex
  4. Collins looks uncomfortable
  5. Two drinks if Aunt Prudence makes an appearance
  6. Mr. Butler is a badass
  7. Dot looks scandalized
  8. Ces (really Bert) talks about the evils of capitalism
  9. Phryne pulls out a weapon (2 if it’s something other than a gun)

You may not feel very in control of your senses after a game such as this. However if you’re curious to try it, you may just want to make sure to sip water or club soda in between. If anything I’m sure Phryne (and probably even Mac) would be game.

miss phryne fisher and mac drinking scotch

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