Stress Relief: Wine, Coloring Book, or Both?

Adult coloring books are all the rage for those trying to seek another form of stress relief. For me, stress relief equals a chilled martini in a piping hot bathtub while listening to an audio book (or Taylor Swift depending on my mood). I guess I should add coloring books to the mix?

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cat with a beer

Beer and Books Go Together Like Cats and Napping. Fitzgerald Disagrees.

I don’t like beer. I find it to increase my bloat and render me burpy – an abhorrence to my esteemed lifestyle. However my editor – God help her – happens to love the stuff. And she’s partnering with our local library foundation to host a beer and book pairing for the local plebeians. Apologies…for the local brethren.

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Pair Your First Edition with the Sazerac, America’s First Cocktail

Fun fact: The sazerac was the first ever mixed cocktail. The sazerac was ‘invented’ in New Orleans in the 1800s because a man wanted more than just plain ol’ brandy.

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Get Your Tickets to Our Get Carded Wine and Lit Pairing Event with the Chicago Public Library Foundation Junior Board

Sign up for an Italian wine tasting and literature pairing at Chicago’s Que Syrah Fine Wines boutique wine shop on August 27th! Lit With a Twist is thrilled to work with the Chicago Public Library Foundation’s Junior Board and host this “Get Carded” event.

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mimosa and coffee

Try It: Mimosa with White Cranberry Juice

For the mimosa-loving crowd out there, I have some news. You’re missing out. Yes, the typical orange juice mixed with sparkling wine or champagne is delicious and lovely. But a simple swap will blow your taste buds. Up for the challenge? Read on!

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Writers and Their Cocktails: Tennessee Williams and the Ramos Fizz

Tennessee Williams is one of America‚Äôs best known and most celebrated playwrights. When you shout, “STELLA!!!” to the wind, you have him to thank for it. Mr. Williams also enjoyed the occasional (or frequent) libation. His cocktail of choice: the Ramos Fizz.

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short story alcohol pairing

Video: Short Story Pairings

The video pairing several short story collections with cocktails, liquor and wine is now live!

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short story alcohol pairing

Short Story Pairings

There have been some amazing short story collections that have been published this year. And reading them reminds me of short story collections from the past that deserve some re-recognition. So I bring to you the latest Lit with a Twist pairings that do just that! (And you can watch the video here!)

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summertime margarita

The Perfect Margarita for the Summertime

The margarita: a summer cocktail favorite. There are oh so many recipes out there for the margarita, but I stand by this one.

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Get Carded: Wine and Literature Pairing in Partnership with the Chicago Public Library Foundation

Lit With a Twist is thrilled to work with the Chicago Public Library Foundation and host one of their “Get Carded” series events. Save the date for August 27th for a wine and literature pairing and tasting at Chicago’s Que Syrah Fine Wines boutique wine shop.

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