Meet Your Cuddly Reading Buddies

dog and cat

Reading is definitely a solitary activity. However when you have a furry friend who happens to be nestled on your lap during said reading time, it may just make said activity that much…happier. For those of us who don’t have reading buddies of our own, here are some to live vicariously through.

Kitten Belly Rub

kitten reading buddy

This little tike would fit oh so comfortably on your lap while you’re getting toward the end of Anna Karenina. Because you’re definitely going to finish it. Don’t get distracted. Don’t…get…hey there cute belly!!!

Dog Hugging Horse

dog hugging horse

No, neither of these animals would fit on your lap while you’re finishing Anna Karenina. But come on. The dog is even sticking his tongue out while hugging this horse. Can it get cuter?!

Group Wolf Hug

group wolf hug

Okay I guess it can. White Fang and Call of the Wild were two of my favorite books growing up. In fact, I actually think my parents came close to letting me somehow have a pet wolf after constant begging. And I mean constant. Clearly, reality checked in. But still, I do wish I would have had a pet wolf. Sorry, Mom and Dad.

Cats Interrupting

cats interrupting your book

cat interrupting your writing

These cuddly cuties don’t really condone you actually finishing your reading or writing. I guess Anna Karenina will just have to wait.

Look at that face!

cute monkey

This adorable guy approves.

Okay, my attempt failed. Reading remains a solitary activity, and these companions are just too cute to not be distracting. In the best sense of course.

Want more distracting cuteness? Head on over to our Cuddle Buddies board on Pinterest! We have quite the collection.

smiling lions

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