I am Fitzgerald, Co-Editor of Lit With a Twist


My name is Fitzgerald. And before you get confused, no, I am not F. Scott Fitzgerald. However, to be frank, I find him highly overrated. I am just Fitzgerald. I am…humbly…the Co-Editor of Lit With a Twist.

Granted, I feel that it’s taken far too long for me to get placed into this role. I feel our Editor does not recognize the true talent that is my artistic ability, but that I fear is her naivety. Hopefully she will grow to discover the genius behind the whiskers.

A little more about myself.

  • Name: Fitzgerald
  • Occupation: Co-Editor, Lit With a Twist
  • Uniform: The Tuxedo
  • Pasttime: Napping
  • Libation of Choice: Vodka Martini
  • Favorite Author: Proust
  • Current Book on my Nightstand: My editor sadly takes up all of the room on the nightstand. However if I had my way, it would be Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead and poetry by Keats, obviously.


What can you expect by my column? Brilliance! I will share my thoughts not only on the written word but also meditations on society, art, culture and what it truly means to be great.

Now if you’ll excuse me, my Editor just walked into the kitchen and I guarantee it’s to bestow cat treats.

My name is Fitzgerald. I am so judging you right now.