Paper. Cats Love It. Stop Your Questioning.

Why am I an expert on the glorious written word? One of the many answers is as simple as this: Paper. I am a cat, and paper is a necessity for enjoying our superior existence. Why that isn’t enough for you ridiculous humans to accept is beyond me.

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cat with a beer

Beer and Books Go Together Like Cats and Napping. Fitzgerald Disagrees.

I don’t like beer. I find it to increase my bloat and render me burpy – an abhorrence to my esteemed lifestyle. However my editor – God help her – happens to love the stuff. And she’s partnering with our local library foundation to host a beer and book pairing for the local plebeians. Apologies…for the local brethren.

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I am Fitzgerald, Co-Editor of Lit With a Twist

My name is Fitzgerald. And before you get confused, no, I am not F. Scott Fitzgerald. However, to be frank, I find him highly¬†overrated. I am just Fitzgerald. I am…humbly…the Co-Editor of Lit With a Twist.

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